Technical information

  • Pilar López Cordal
  • 881920010

Max. room capacity: 7000

EXPOCoruña was founded in 2008 as a unique, flexible, multipurpose space, designed to host any type of event. Its new philosophy, based on melding values like innovation, culture, design and technology, makes it stand out. EXPOCoruña is the perfect place to hold any type of event: fairs, conventions, sports competitions, business meetings, concerts, expos, parades, festivals, corporate events and more. With 18,000 m² of covered space and 8000 m² of outdoor space, both of which are completely flexible, this venue offers infinite possibilities. Own car park, multipurpose rooms, VIP room, classrooms, offices… all the exhibition areas are flexible and adaptable to any project that you want to make a reality.

It has been the best showcase for Galicia for over a decade, holding all kinds of events. Every year more than 50 events are held here and it is visited by over 400,000 people. EXPOCoruña is a multipurpose space that organises and hosts national and international corporate, social and cultural events. Its activities leverage the local economy with fairs and events comprising the major economic sectors. A modern building with a unique infrastructure has allowed us to hold major events over the years.

EXPOCoruña offers all the services required to organise any kind of event. We provide promoters and organisers with personal attention and a comprehensive service with an extensive range of services. Our multidisciplinary team ensures excellence. Our specialists are at your disposal to help you make your best projects a reality.

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Juana Capdevielle, 2, 15008 A Coruña

Venue M2 Height Maximum Capacity
Central Atrium 10.000 17 m 6.960
Gallery 1.754 12 m 3.300
Hall 1.971 13 m 2.040
2 bays on the ground floor 2,333 each 4,5 m 1.920 each
2 bays on floor 2,200 each 10 m 1.920 each
Auditorium 465 424 chairs with a mini-table
3 classrooms 57 100
2 meeting rooms
2 offices
Multipurpose Room
VIP Room