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  • Oscar López Cernadas
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MEGA (Museo Estrella Galicia) is the first and only museum in Spain dedicated to beer, located in Estrella Galicia’s active brewery in A Coruña.

MEGA is an unconventional, experience-based museum, far more than an exhibition gallery. At MEGA, you can enjoy, taste and learn about the brewing process, including its history, the creation process, raw materials, the care and know-how that goes into Estrella Galicia’s creations and the brand itself. It is a paradise for experiencing and feeling passion for beer.

At MEGA, you can touch, smell, see, taste, drink, eat, laugh and listen. Because beer is experienced with all five senses and we want you to use them all. In our world, we value the intensity and quality of experiences, and that is why we have created MEGA, a place to experience beer on another level.

We want MEGA to become the reference point for cultural pilgrimages throughout Galicia, Spain and the world. Our aim is to be the leisure and tourist destination for beer lovers, Estrella Galicia lovers and culture lovers, because beer is also culture.

MEGA not only offers an experience on a different level by being unique and completely different from any other museum, and also because it goes far beyond the museum into the homes of the greatest beer lovers, offering them special packs, workshops and online activities focused on continuing these experiences.

Logo MEGA Rojo

Calle José María Rivera Corral, 6, 15008 A Coruña