The Convention Bureau designs and implements an A Coruña Ambassador Programme that seeks to expand, position and promote the city as a MICE destination through local individuals or those with close and well-known links with A Coruña.

These are important people, opinion leaders in different areas of professional, cultural and social life who, regardless of their place of residence, have an interest in promoting A Coruña among their colleagues.

A Coruña Convention Bureau (ACCB)

Aims of the Ambassador Programme



  • Public recognition as a city Ambassador

  • Advice on and total or partial support from the Convention Bureau with the public administration, technical support, logistics, communications, public relations, etc. for any event channelled to A Coruña.

  • Access benefits to the varied venues and activities held in A Coruña.

  • Having a proactive attitude to ensuring the success of activities held in A Coruña.

  • Taking part (after coordinating the schedules) in the promotional and dissemination activities of the Tourist Board and the Convention Bureau in their own areas of residence or influence.


A Coruña Convention Bureau (ACCB)

Ambassadors’ Night

Each year, we award those who, because of their experience and involvement in bringing events to A Coruña, are proposed as Ambassadors by the Board of the A Coruña Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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