10 reasons to choose A Coruña as the venue for your MICE meeting

Choose A Coruña for your events, conferences and fairs

Torre de Hércules, balcón del Atlántico

1. A balcony over the Atlantic

A Coruña, a seafaring city by nature, a peninsula surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic, lives off the sea and for the sea. Its special features have resulted in the longest and most modern promenade in Europe, allowing visitors to discover the city’s 2,000 years of history. The city it illuminated by the Tower of Hercules, the oldest Roman lighthouse in the world still in operation, which was declared a World Heritage Site in 2009. An inviting, inspiring, inclusive and approachable city with its own lifestyle, a creative potential that coexists with an entrepreneurial culture, and a vibrant and heterogeneous cultural and gastronomic heritage, A Coruña is undoubtedly the perfect destination for holding top-level meetings.

Aeropuerto de A Coruña

2. Excellent communications by land, sea and air

The airports of A Coruña (LCG), 8 km (5 miles) away, and Santiago (SCQ), 51 km (about 30 miles) away, make it easy to get to the city from many national and international destinations. The upcoming arrival of a high-speed train and the construction of an intermodal station will complete the land transport infrastructure, making it easier for MICE visitors to reach the city. The historic cruise ship terminal welcomes numerous pleasure craft, more than all the cities in the north of the Iberian Peninsula put together. Its location in the centre of A Coruña provides those who visit by sea with quick and easy pedestrian access to the city’s main tourist and commercial attractions.

Venues de calidad en A Coruña

3. Top quality, avant-garde venues

A Coruña is endowed with conference centre (PALEXCO) by the sea in the city centre. PALEXCO has a variety of spaces, including an auditorium for up to 1,500 attendees equipped with the most advanced technology. In the business and events district is EXPOCoruña, a multipurpose fairground with areas including a functional 25,000 square metre central atrium lit by natural light, a top-quality facility for trade fairs of all kinds. A Coruña also boasts a Coliseum, a unique structure in the north of Spain for sporting, cultural and leisure events with capacity for more than 9,000 people.

Gran oferta hotelera en A Coruña

4. Great variety of hotels

Through the A Coruña Hospitality Business Association (HOSPECO), the city offers a wide variety of hotels. There are over 2,000 guest rooms with all amenities for MICE visitors and services that meet the needs of events organisers and attendees. Much of the accommodation is located in the city centre and on the promenade, less than five minutes on foot from Palexco. Others can be found around EXPOCoruña and the Coliseum, in the Matogrande district, surrounded by sports and commercial areas.

Servicios para organizar reuniones en A Coruña

5. Extensive local MICE experience

A Coruña has positioned itself as one of the major MICE destinations in the north of Spain. For the last three decades, A Coruña has been the venue for a significant number of top national and international events, making it one of the major MICE destinations in the north of Spain. The city offers event organisers a wide range of professional local companies with a long history and an extensive experience and preparation in this sector: OPCs, DMCs, travel agencies, event technology companies, catering companies, land transport, tour guides, stand assembly, graphic designers, translators, hostesses, etc.

Mariscos y pescados en A Coruña

6. Atlantic flavour

The culinary offering that can be found in A Coruña is well-known and very diverse, ranging from traditional Galician dishes to haute cuisine and new, more daring fusion options. Fresh local products simply prepared to bring out the best in high-quality raw materials are the basis of Atlantic gastronomy, of which the city is the major exponent. The city also offers fantastic food markets, such as San Agustín and Plaza de Lugo, not to be missed, where the display of seafood and organic products are an unrivalled sight. For the early birds, we recommend a visit to A Coruña fish market, Spain’s number two port for fresh fish and seafood and one of the most important in Europe.

Ocio y deporte en A Coruña

7. Afterwork leisure

A Coruña is a lively city, with an attractive, welcoming and friendly lifestyle. The Rosalía de Castro and Teatro Colón theatres, the Barrié, Luis Seoane and Abanca foundations, and a network of scientific museums are the backbone of the city’s cultural life. The promenade offers 13 km (8 miles) of separate lanes for bicycles and runners. The Orzán and Matadero beaches are a meeting place for surfers most of the year. The Termaria Casa del Agua city baths have a thalassotherapy centre that is ideal for relaxing after a hard day’s work. For shopping lovers, Marineda City is one of the biggest and most spectacular shopping centres in all of Europe. The pubs in the Pescadería and Puerto districts are ideal to enjoy oneself after work.

A la última tendencia, Zara, A Coruña

8. The latest trends

A Coruña is a trendy city. Not only because of Inditex, the great fashion design laboratory that exports to half the planet, which is located in its outskirts, but also because of its city, which has become a showcase for its brands and for independent designers who have found the perfect place to reach the whole the world. In the Ensanche district, around the building where the Ruiz Picasso family lived in the city at the end of the 19th century, an unusual bastion dedicated to design and fashion has been created. Visitors cannot help but be impressed by the city’s street styles, so common in any international fashion capital that the city has become a rehearsal hall for mass trends.

La mejor cerveza del mundo en A Coruña

9. The best beer in the world

The British contest World Beer Challenge decided that Estrella Galicia’s 1906 beer is the best beer in the world. Behind the famous brand is the story of the dream of José María Rivera Corral, who, after spending time in America as an immigrant, founded the La Estrella de Galicia factory to manufacture beer and ice. Over a century later, this beer has not only become one of the most important in Spain but also in the world, as it can be found in more than 50 countries. In 2019 Rivera’s sons opened MEGA Mundo Estrella Galicia, a museum space adjacent to their brewery in A Coruña, the only one of its kind in Spain, to delve into the centenary history of the brand. This is undoubtedly a place of pilgrimage for beer lovers.

Espacios naturales en A Coruña

10. Natural areas

A Coruña offers a coastal environment of incredibly rich landscapes and biodiversity. The Méndez Núñez gardens, with their varied tree species and wealth of flora, protect the monuments to illustrious Galicians. The San Carlos garden holds the tomb of Sir John Moore, who was defeated and fatally wounded at the Battle of Elviña. The city also has other natural areas, such as the Santa Margarita Park (where the Planetarium and Palacio de la Ópera are located), Bens, Monte de San Pedro (an ideal spot at dusk to watch the sun set at the End of the World) and the Tower of Hercules sculpture park, an open-air museum in which one can feel, taste and smell the ocean breeze in legendary setting.

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